How Effective is a Facelift Treatment?


Have you been stressing over wrinkles and sagging skin lately? If you constantly worry about these common signs of aging, you’re in luck!

Thanks to modern science and technology, several safe, non-invasive aesthetic treatments are available today, many of which can give your face an instant lift!

One such treatment is a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). Let’s dive in!

What Is Facelift (HIFU)?

Also known as HIFU facial, this non-invasive treatment for facial aging is part of the growing trend of anti-aging procedures.

As such, it can help restore your youthful glow without going under the knife. Basically, it works by using ultrasound to create heat at a deep level of your skin.

In turn, this heat damages skin cells and causes your body to repair them. As a result, your body will produce collagen, making your skin look tighter, firmer, and smoother.

Is HIFU Facelift Effective?

The HIFU treatment can help you achieve a youthful and more rejuvenated facial appearance. In fact, it’s not just limited to face lifting. Moreover, it can also give you:

  • Tightened skin on the neck;
  • Reduced appearance of jowls;
  • Smoothened wrinkles on the face; and
  • Lifted drooping eyelids or eyebrows;
  • Tightened and smoothened chest skin.

Since this facelift treatment is highly focused, it is also effective in targeting specific areas of the body depending on your desired results.

How Does Facelift (HIFU) Work?

Facelift treatments like HIFU facials typically last for 30-90 minutes. During your visit, you can expect the following:

  1. Your provider will clean the chosen treatment area.
  2. The treatment is not painful and at most, you’ll only feel a slight discomfort during the procedure. However, your doctor may still apply a local anesthetic to ensure that you’ll have a comfortable experience all throughout.
  3. Afterward, your provider will apply an ultrasound gel.
  4. The HIFU device will then be placed against your skin, over the targeted area.
  5. The device will be adjusted through the ultrasound viewer to ensure the right setting.
  6. Ultrasound energy is then delivered to your preferred target area through short pulses.
  7. Once done, the device is removed.

Since the procedure is minimally-invasive, you can get on with your daily activities right after receiving your HIFU treatment.

Depending on your desired goals, you may need between 1-6 sessions.

Who is An Ideal Candidate for Facelift?

HIFU facelift is ideal for patients in their 30s who are experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity.

Note though that people with photodamaged skin as well as those with severely loose skin may require several treatments before seeing results.

Hence, if you’re above 30 and you have started noticing skin laxity, it’s best to avail yourself of a HIFU treatment as soon as possible.

This way, you can prevent sagging skin before it’s too late.

Is Facelift (HIFU) Worth It?

You bet! This treatment is considered a great option for patients who want to tighten and smoothen their facial skin. More importantly, it doesn’t leave you with scars.

Thus, if you’re looking for a quick, painless, and safe alternative (but with the same benefits, if not more), the HIFU treatment is the way to go.

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