6 Reasons Why You Should Try Brow Lamination and Tinting


Having great eyebrows doesn’t just accentuate your eyes. It can also make you appear younger and well-rested – even without makeup. 

It’s unsurprising then why more and more women (and even men) are finding themselves interested in aesthetic treatments such as brow lamination and brow tinting offered by brow experts. 

If you’re also curious about how it works and why you should try it out, this article is for you. Read on to know more. 

What Is Brow Lamination And Tinting? 

In essence, brow lamination is the “perming” of your brow hair to make it look fuller and more even. 

Meanwhile, brow tinting refers to the process of applying a semi-permanent dye that can enhance the overall look of your brows. Aside from improving the brows’ definition, it also improves its shape. 

Combined, brow lamination and tinting can give your natural brows a fuller and more defined look. 

How Does Brow Lamination Work? 

In the hands of experts, the brow lamination process is fairly simple. Here’s what you can expect during the procedure: 

  1. Your brows will be cleansed using a solution. 
  2. A lifting cream will be applied to your brows to break down bonds in the brow hairs. 
  3. The treated brows will be covered with plastic wrap to let the cream work. 
  4. The cream will be wiped off and your brows will be brushed upward.
  5. Once done, a fixing solution will be applied to set your brow hair in the new direction. 

After these steps, your brows will be tinted to add more color and enhance the results of the brow lamination. Afterward, all traces of products are removed from the brows and a conditioner will then be applied to replenish moisture. 


Benefits of Brow Lamination and Tinting 

Aside from getting the desired shape for your eyebrow, here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a brow lamination and tinting procedure: 

Long-Lasting Results 

You no longer have to rush to the salon every now and then for waxing or threading. Laminated brows can last for several weeks and with proper aftercare, you can even have great results stay for up to 8-10 weeks! 


With the help of our brow experts here at Etanda Skin Solutions, your brows can be tailored depending on your preference. Just like other clients in Edmonton, AB, the brow lamination treatment can help you straighten unruly brow hairs, create a more lifted look, or just fill in sparse areas. 

Low Maintenance 

Once you have your brows laminated and tinted, there’s already little to no brow makeup required. Hence, it’s the perfect option if you have a very busy lifestyle and you need as little maintenance as possible. 

Natural-Looking Brows  

Another reason why you should try brow lamination is its natural-looking results. By redirecting your brow hair growth upwards, it creates absolute fullness without using anything but your own natural hair! 

Safe Procedure 

Brow lamination is non-invasive and pain-free, especially when performed by a trained professional. 

Unlike other machine brow treatments, it is also much safer and it doesn’t cause any long-term damage to the brow hair. Experience the amazing benefits of brow lamination and tinting today. Call us or book an appointment now.