5 Reasons Why Winter Best Time To Start Laser Hair Removal


Dealing with unwanted body hair can be quite a hassle for most of us. 

Whether it’s the constant need for shaving, the discomfort of waxing, or other temporary solutions, managing unwanted hair can feel like an ongoing battle. 

Fortunately, there’s a safe and effective procedure that addresses the challenge of managing unwanted body hair. Enter laser hair removal

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a widely sought-after cosmetic treatment, employing focused light beams to eliminate undesired hair. This light energy transforms into heat, destroying hair follicles and impeding further growth. 

For instance, Etanda Skin Solutions’ hair reduction treatment uses advanced technologies based on pulsed light, resulting in a meaningful reduction of unwanted hair. 

Laser hair removal is deemed safe and effective under the expertise of trained practitioners performing the procedure. 

Ideal Candidate For Laser Hair Removal 

Most patients in Edmonton, AB, get laser hair removal as a longer-term solution to manage unwanted hair on various body parts. By reducing hair growth over time, laser hair removal treatment minimizes the need for frequent shaving, waxing, or other temporary methods.

As such, laser hair removal is ideal for:

  • Adult patients with unwanted hair; 
  • Individuals who want to get rid of darker hair; 
  • Those with lighter skin; and 
  • Individuals who have not recently tanned.

Moreover, laser hair removal usually requires multiple sessions spread over several weeks to target hair in different growth cycles. Thus, you should be willing to commit to the recommended sessions for optimal results.

People with certain skin conditions like melasma, rosacea, or active acne may not be suitable candidates for treatment, as it may pose safety concerns and is generally not recommended. 

It’s always important to consult a medical professional before considering any laser treatment. 

When Is The Best Time To Start Laser Hair Removal? 

Winter season is considered an ideal period for laser hair removal treatments for five compelling reasons:

Reduced Sun Exposure 

One of the primary reasons why laser hair removal works better in winter is the reduced sun exposure

In colder months, skin tends to be lighter due to decreased time spent outdoors, reducing the risk of tanning or sunburn. Lighter skin tones are advantageous for laser treatments as they are less prone to adverse reactions during sessions. 

Additionally, shorter daylight hours and less outdoor activity in winter decrease the likelihood of potential side effects such as pigmentation changes or sun damage on laser-treated skin.

Less Active Lifestyle Indoors

Winter often prompts a more indoor-focused lifestyle due to colder weather. This reduction in outdoor activities aligns well with the recovery period recommended after laser hair removal. 

Avoiding excessive sweating or intense physical activities for a few days post-treatment is advisable. 

Easier Post-Treatment Care

Laser hair removal often requires post-treatment care, including avoiding direct sun exposure and consistently applying sunscreen. 

People tend to cover up more during winter, making it easier to adhere to these guidelines and protect the treated skin.

Preparation for Summer

Multiple laser hair removal sessions are often necessary for optimal results, spaced weeks apart. 

Starting in winter also means you can complete several sessions before summer, reducing hair growth by the time warmer weather arrives.

Enhanced Treatment Effectiveness

In colder weather, hormonal fluctuations can affect hair growth and tend to stabilize, leading to more consistent and predictable results from laser hair removal.

The steadier hormonal balance during winter can contribute to a more effective treatment outcome and better synchronization with the hair growth cycle, maximizing the efficacy of each session.

In conclusion, laser hair removal presents a compelling option for those seeking a longer-term solution to unwanted hair. 

To better prepare for laser hair removal, consider undergoing the treatment and consulting with a professional to ensure it aligns with your hair removal objectives.

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